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Bullet Proof Glass Windows and Doors


Firemex Bullet Resistant door sets are tested to Australian standards, and are available in a range of sizes complete with 2mm steel door frames and factory fitted door hardware so as to ensure the integrity of the door set. Our doors have been supplied and fitted into Banks and Embassy around Australia and Overseas.

They can be supplied from attack resistant or G2 rated which can withstand a variety of weaponry/bullets e.g. 9mm hand gun,357 hand gun, 44 magnum and more.

  • 9mm hand gun
  • 44 magnum
  • 357 hand gun
  • Bullet resistant Vision panels

Blast Proof Doors


The Blast Proof Door is designed to protect human life from any accidental explosions that may occur in petrochemical plants or in industrial manufacturing facilities to offer disaster prevention and protection for main facilities and to manage effectively and control explosions in military experiments at military facilities or at any explosion-prone laboratories.

It functions as a gateway toward the outside, blocking the blast of air and heat generated from air bombing, shelling or explosions as well as protecting from shrapnel damage.