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Metal Door Frames

Firemex Metal Door Frames are used extensively. Metal door frames are preferred to timber door frames because they are cost effective, stronger, more resilient and provide an excellent surface finish and are easily fitted during construction or can be retrofitted. 

Pressed Metal Door Frames are supplied complete with hinge and lock striker preparations, ready for installation in all types of masonry and stud walls. 

Metal Door Frames can be manufactured to any size or profile.

There are several different applications

NON Rated Metal Frame Profiles

  • Frames are 1.1mm zinc-coated steel
  • Rebated to suit customer specifications

FIRE Rated Metal Frame Profiles

  • Frames are 1.55mm – zinc-coated steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanised
  • Rebated to suit customer specifications

Firemex Estimating staff will work with customers to ensure their requirements are met.  

Please download the PDF of the profile you require by clicking on it in the below chart. and send to Firemex at [email protected] and one of our Estimating staff will contact you to discuss.

Click on a Profile to get the form! Profile A Profile B Profile C Profile D Profile J Profile F Profile G Profile H Profile I Profile O Profile K Profile L Profile M Profile N Profile T