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Fire Penetration Inspection, Maintenance and Certification

Firemex are leaders in the Inspection, Reporting, Maintenance and Certification of fire penetrations. Firemex offers a Passive Fire Service including Penetration Survey's and Inspections to the current AS1851. They also carry out Installation of Passive Fire Systems to provide Fire and Smoke stopping solutions for maintaining the integrity or fire separation area's

Firemex are BSA licenced with over 20 years of experience.  Firemex are Accredited installers or Pyropanel Passive Fire Products.

Under the current Australian Standard Fire Penetrations are an intregral part of a buildings fire protection system.  Fire Penetrations are required to be inspected and maintained on a six (6) monthly basis.

Our Fire Penetration Inspection, Maintenance and Certification division can help you achieve compliance.  Firemex will forward to you, following an inspection, a comprehensive report outlining the current condition of the building and detailing the repairs that are required and will forward a quotation on those repairs.

What do Certify, Inspect and Test, Install, Maintain and Survey mean

(a) to give advice or a report, including a certificate, stating that a fire protection system complies with Australian and international standards, Building Code of Australia requirements and manufacturer’s specifications after conducting a survey of the system; and
(b) to give a QBSA licensee certificate under the Building Regulation 2006 for the work.

Inspect and test
(a) to inspect by visual examination the components of fire protection systems or equipment to establish correct settings, physical condition or fitness for purpose under 1-5-5, AS 1851-2005; and
(b)to test, after inspecting, by the confirmation of correct function or performance of a component or system under 1-5-13, AS1851-2005.

(a) place a fire protection system in position ready for use; or
(b) restore a fire protection system to its original operating specifications; or
(c) alter a fire protection system; or
(d) provide an installer’s statement in relation to the work
Example: Where the fire system is altered from its original design specifications by way of replacing with components of different specifications, it is installation.

Installer’s statement means
A statement about the installation of a fire protection system.

(a) inspect and test a fire protection system and any other fire safety measures to ensure continued operation at their original performance levels and in accordance with any relevant Australian Standards; or
(b) repair or replace defective components to keep a fire protection system in a working order according to original specifications
(c) carry out preventative maintenance; or
(d) prepare a maintenance record of the work mentioned in paragraphs (a) to (c).

Maintenance record means
a record of any maintenance carried out.

the visual inspection of a fire protection system to identify if the system has been altered, damaged or compromised.
Example: where a fire system is not altered from its original design specifications it is maintenance and repair (‘like for like’ replacement of components)

Should you wish more information on Fire Penetration Inspection, Maintenance and Certification call Firemex on (07) 3277 3200 and ask for the Fire Penetration Division.