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Firemex Pty Ltd specializes in professional solutions for small, medium and large commercial projects while providing competitive pricing. Working with Project Managers to ensure installation and completion dates are met. 

Firemex has a range of products and project management systems that range from $200,000 to 

$3 million and can accommodate any client large or small.

Firemex have been involved in Design development, installation and manufacture of large scale doors for unique situations re: Tunnel ventilation systems and other openings.  At our Salisbury Factory we have manufactured hinged doors 5100high by 2500/2500wide pairs with each leaf weighing up to 1250kilos. These doors were designed to suit tunnel wind pressures of up to 5kpa which equates to almost 13tonne of pressure against the door set. Firemex had a close relationship designers/engineers at Clem 7 and Airport Links project. The doors had to meet the design requirements of these vent outlets re: Fire ratings and simplicity in ease of opening and closing for purposes of general maintenance, we designed and manufactured these doors even down the Hinges and frames that support them.

Consider Firemex Fire Doors for your next project if you are looking for a reputable, Australian owned and operated, quality Fire Door Sales and Installation provider.

If you have a need for our Companies talents for your unique situation then please contact us as we can supply and have supplied in most countries.  With a combined 150 years of experience in the Fire Door industry there is no problem we cannot solve.

Below are listed a few of the many Projects that we have been involved in.

Airport Link Tunnel
  • Fire Doors – Hinged and Sliding
  • Ceiling Hatches
  • Large Fan room Hinged doors with wicket doors
Clem 7 Tunnel
  • Fire Doors - Hinged and Sliding
Hamilton Harbor
  • Fire Doors - Hinged
  • Acoustic and 3mm fully seam welded doors and frames