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Sliding Fire Doors

Firemex have the expertise in manufacturing Sliding Fire Doors to be able to manufacture the right Sliding Fire Door for your building. Firemex are one of the leading manufacturers of Sliding Fire Doors.

Firemex have been involved with the manufacture and installation of hundreds of large-scale Sliding Fire Doors around Australia, both above ground and below and we're confident we can help you with your requirements.

verylargeslidingfiredoors sliding-doors-2
Large Sliding Fire Doors - Factory, Warehouse applications

sliding-doors-3 largeslidingdoorpowdercoated sliding-doors-5
5 Different sized sliding fire doors Colorbonded Large Sliding Doors Sliding Fire Escape Door - Clem 7
sliding-doors-6 sliding-doors-7
Vent Station - Airport Link South Vent Station - Airport Link

Firemex manufactured Sliding Fire Doors save the day.

Can you imagine the intense heat that it took to buckle and powder a concrete wall.  These Sliding Fire doors stopped the fire spreading to the adjacent warehouse.  The stock behind the doors (worth some $6 million dollars) was saved.

Below are some photos from a recent 6hr fire in a warehouse. 

**Note the concrete on the wall has powdered and cracked away next to the door.**

Burnt Sliding Door 1 Burnt Sliding Door 6
Burnt Sliding Door 4 Burnt Sliding Door

Tested and Approved for use in:

  • Masonry walls of 3HR or 4HR rating.
  • Aerated concrete block walls (Siporex etc.).
  • Gypson block walls of 3HR rating ('Lokblok').