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I have recently had an inspection on my unit entry fire doors and have been told they are non compliant becuase they have a deadbolt installed. Is this correct?

Deadbolts are not permitted as hardware in firedoors because they negate the function of the door to be self latching. there are options, however, as some deadbolts can be removed and replaced with certain approved hardware. that said, in many cases the only way to ensure compliances is to have the door replaced and approved hardware installed.

I have been told the my fire doors have "gaps" and don't comply witht he Australian standard. Is this true?

Yes. There are strict clearance limits on fire doors and if these gaps exceed the limits then the door is not compliant and should be replaced. In some cases, however, the use of Lorient seals can bring doors up to the standard required by AS1851-2005. You should check this with your fire service provider.

I recently received a report detailing my doors as "failed" due to requiring signage. I have green illuminated signage above the door. Why do i need both? 

The Australian standard requires that all doors the lead into a fire isolated stairwell or corrridor must have approved signage permanently fitted to the door at eye level. In addition to this, doors that form a final exit for a fire isolated stairwel or corridor must have signage on BOTH sides of the door. Illuminated exit signs are only installed above the door on the inside of the door.

How often must I have my fire doors checked?

The frequency of the required inspections is determained by the building classification int he BCA. In most cases for a commercial building the frequency is every 6 months and for the industrial / residential buildings the fequency is annually. You should check with your fire service provider to ensure that you are meeting your obligations in terms of your regular testing and maintenance of the fire doors.

I have asbestos fire doors in my building. Do I have to have them replaced?

Many building owners are conducting routine replacement of the old asbestos fire doors as part of their commitment to workplace health and safety. You may not necessarily have to replace the fire doors, providing they are in good condition and are still functioning as required by the Australian standards. If the doors are in disrepair, have faulty hardware or do not have the required compliance tag on the door, the only option is to have the doors replaced and have new hardware installed.

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